*Total Amount Raised

$ 1100017

We Launch Global Beverage Brands
Using The Power of Celebrity

The 3rd BevCo is building a new kind of beverage company
in a combined $1.83 trillion market.

The BIG Idea In 109 Words

The beverage industry is going through a seismic shift. There are hidden forces at play which are driving consumer behavior and providing opportunity for savvy startups.

Millions of consumers are exploring what it means to be a mindful drinker. Some are taking a break from boozing… while others are turning to their trusted celebrity brands for a more unique and connected alcohol experience.

For early-stage investors looking for potential home-run returns…

These two huge consumer trends, the growth of Celebrity Spirits Brands and the emerging alcohol-free beverage sector, are the future of the beverage industry. Or as we like to say…

“The Star-Filled Future Of The Beverage Industry.”

Two Huge Consumer Trends.
One Powerful Business Model.

Opportunity is knocking as consumers change their drinking habits in two massive market-disrupting ways.

A look at the numbers reveals how big these two trends have become. The 3rd BevCo is perfectly positioned to meet the demands of these two high-growth markets.

We leverage our expertise in marketing, manufacturing, product development, licensing and distribution into one powerful business model.

This is how we incubate, launch and grow high-quality global beverage brands.


Celebrity Spirits Brands Are On Fire

Consumers look to celebrities for brand decisions and to feel connected to them.

Big Name Celebrity Brands Are Cashing In

The power of celebrity has proven itself in the spirits markets, and several celebrities have cashed in big.

$1 Billion

Casamigos Tequila, George Clooney’s tequila company, was sold for $1 billion.

Casamigos has become a one million case brand.

$610 Million

Ryan Reynolds sold Aviation Gin in 2020 for $610 million to British spirits giant Diageo, after being involved with the company for just 2 years.

$600 Million

In just under 3 years, UFC fighter Conor McGregor sold a majority stake in his whiskey brand Proper Twelve to Proximo Spirits in a deal worth up to $600 million.



It is often said that the true meaning of success comes when someone has lived well, laughed often, and loved much. Not from money, fame, and status. To celebrate your true success, Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you Vive Ama RieTM.


Born in the agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico the branches of our 12-year-old plants grown in soil rich with volcanic rocks, are cut off, split in half then baked in stone furnaces for 4 days before heading into our mills for extraction of our premium juice. From there our fermentation process begins placing our juice in white oak casts for anywhere from two months to over three years resulting in some of the smoothest tasting and finest grades of Tequila ever to come out of the region.


We invite you to pour a glass of Vive Ama Rie™ and offer a toast to celebrate your beautiful family or loved ones and smile knowing you have achieved your vision of success of a life well lived.


The Rise Of Mindful Drinking

Millions of millennials are drinking less and looking for alcohol-free beverage options.

Our Mission

The 3rd BevCo is a new kind of beverage company for the 21st century. We are modern-day hipsters, bringing the cool factor to all our customers, partners and friends. We take pride in delivering the golden stamp of quality from the inside out… and at each step along the way.

Our celebrity branded spirits and beverages will be carefully curated to deliver superior taste and inspire moments of authentic social connection and fun.

We will partner with Grammy winners and Global Super Stars… and leverage our expertise for lightning fast Celebrity Spirits brand development and roll out.

Each of our Celebrity partnerships and in-house brands will be a statement of personal choice to live full on. We celebrate and revel in the moment, because we can.

The Road To Celebrity Partnership Riches

Finding the right celebrities to partner with is key to creating potential multimillion and billion dollar success.

To this end, we have signed a letter of intent with Mr. Rorrey Fenty to act as a strategic consultant for our Celebrity Brand Division.

Mr. Fenty is a successful entrepreneur and rapper, and is also the younger brother of global superstar and music icon Robyn (Rihanna) Fenty.

Barbados is the birthplace of Rum and the birthplace of the Fenty family.

Mr. Fenty also plans to bring his deep connections within the celebrity community and his knowledge of luxury lifestyle brands to The 3rd Bevco team.

Alcohol-Free Drinks Are The Next Megatrend

Our Non-Alcoholic Beverage Division:

The largest demographic of consumers, Millennials and Gen Z, are looking for alcohol-free options that are healthy and guilt-free. Getting all boozed up is no longer a socially acceptable option for millions of this younger crowd. The Alcohol-Free market is a megatrend in the making.

Whether it’s for optimal performance, a quick energy-boost or for overall better health and wellness… our line of non-alcoholic beverages delivers the goods. Each of these flagship brands comes in 5 delicious and nutritious flavors, ready to serve cold from your fridge.


Bougie is our premium non-alcoholic sparkling wine. It offers the taste of drinking the finest bubbly… without the hangover the next day.*

Bougie is enriched with vitamins and stress-reducing antioxidants. It is refreshing, and nutritious.*

As we like to say, you get all the bubbles without the buzz. Bougie hits on everything consumers want in a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink.

Zero Alcohol | 10 Calories | Zero Sugar | Zero Carbs


LAID is a complete energy drink for men and women who want to enjoy a high level of performance… in and out of the bedroom.*

It is infused with our exclusive blend of herbs and vitamins… and delivers an alcohol-free experience unlike any other.*

It’s about feeling passionate, focused and charged up for all your daily activities. And yes… that includes all the other fun stuff you can imagine too.*

Zero Alcohol | Zero Calories | Zero Sugar | Zero Carbs

laid blueberry raspberry


PSILLI is our exclusive sparkling water drink infused with functional mushrooms… created by our team of world class scientists.

These types of mushrooms have been used in cultures around the world for their health and healing benefits.*

PSILLI is designed to give you an extra health kick to start your day.* We’re excited to bring this first of its kind beverage to the world.

Zero Alcohol | 10 Calories | Zero Sugar | Zero Carbs

Roadmap and Key Milestones

Marketing Strategy

The influence and reach of Celebrities is quite remarkable. Many of the top celebrities in the world have tens of millions of followers on Social Media. Rihanna, for example, has 135 million followers on Instagram… and nearly as many on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. This is a huge marketing advantage.

We intend to execute our plan in a coordinated 360-degree approach that surrounds and excites both consumers and the trade. Our flagship brands will be available directly to consumers through our website and through eCommerce partnerships. We plan to build regional and national distribution through major retail chains.

Our focus is to build viral campaigns that catch fire with the younger crowd… with a big focus on brand-specific marketing across all the top Social Media channels. This will feed retails sales, both online, in-store and at dry bar locations where our products will be available to purchase direct.

Online Channels Include:
Offline Channels Include:

Our Secret Sauce

Marketing & Sales Automation

Our marketing team excels at designing online and offline strategies, which includes direct response campaigns, automated sales funnels and genius-level creativity.

Industry Expertise & Relationships

We leverage our industry expertise and relationships to launch and grow global beverage brands with our celebrity partners and for our own in-house brands.

A-List Celebrity Connections

Rolodex of contacts with A-List celebrities who are just a phone call away from a potential partnership.

Our Rockstar Executive Team

Industry Expertise | Proven Track Record | The Vision To Succeed

Pete Scalise

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur with 25 years experience in both the supplement and beverage industries

Significant C-Level leadership experience in all phases of operations

Multiple successful exits over the last 10 years

Kito Mussa


C-level executive with diverse background in IR, technology, accounting and operations

Provided CFO services to public & private firms and family offices.

Led the turnaround of WidePoint Corporation

Michael Sheehan

Head of Investor Relations

Diverse background in technology, accounting, and investor relations

Provided financial consulting services to multiple companies across various industries

In the process of obtaining NYS CPA Licensure

Our World-Class Advisors

Bump Williams

The BWC Company opened its doors on October 15, 2008 and has been operating as a strategic industry consultant to Bev-Alc/Non-Alc Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors, US Government, Wall Street/PE Firms, Packaging Companies and Importers from around the world.

William Hayde

Licensed Investment Banker handling all aspects of finance for both public and private companies.

William is the Co- Founder of Intercontinental Beverage Capital, Inc.

Founder and Managing Director of the Interim Opportunity Fund LLC.

Hal Kravitz

Served as leader in the Coca-Cola System including roles in general management, strategy, operations, marketing, sales and revenue management.

Served as CEO of Certified Management Group (CMG)

Founding member of InterContinenal Beverage Capital

Lead Independent Director on the board of Celsius Holdings Inc.

Tom Cardella

Mr. Cardella is the founder of Cardella &Associates LLC

Former President and CEO of Tenth and Blake Beer Company

Served as President of the Eastern Division for MillerCoors from June 2008 to June 2010

Andrew LaRocca

Managed distribution for Red Bull North America over 18 years

Represented Heineken, Corona, Miller Beer and multiple other brands

25 years in the beer and non-alcoholic industries

Chris Alfieri

Head Distribution Advisor

Took the 3rd largest Red Bull U.S. Distributor to the highest ranked in 2 years.

Achieved 10 years of double-digit growth in distribution at Red Bull NA

Brokered one of the largest distribution deals to date in the U.S.
Celebrity Brands Strategic Consultant

Rorrey Fenty

Entrepreneur And Rapper
Brother of Music Icon Rihanna


We’re excited to share some of our most recent reviews.

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Very good18%

Awesome investment

Rated 5 out of 5
May 1, 2023

I’m grateful to have had an opportunity of investing in the company and wish I could afford to invest more. Everything about the company, it’s people, partners (team) & band & are a great bunch👌



Rated 5 out of 5
March 17, 2023



Bright Sparkling Taste and Texture!

Rated 4 out of 5
February 8, 2023

Bougie does not disappoint! Cool and refreshing on the palate, the sparkle is just right. Bright and clear in the glass, it is inviting. I only wish for the slight chemical aftertaste of Zero Sugar beverages to be less obvious, but Bougie has hit it out of the park for minimizing the aftertaste. Here Here!

Mark LYNDON Dieter

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